GP series generator with Mitsubishi engine is one of the leading suppliers of Mitsubishi generators of the world’s leading brands, genuine warranty according to global standards in Vietnam.

The generator products at our unit possesses the following advantages: sleek, compact, diverse capacity, fuel economy, quiet machine performance, durable operation, quality assurance high quality.

In addition, GP series generator with Mitsubishi engine are used in many different fields: schools, hospitals, gas stations, factories, construction sites, … to meet the diverse needs of everyone.

To understand more details about the characteristics and structure of this series, customers learn more information below.

Standard configuration for Mitsubishi generators

  • Assembled by Mitsubishi oil engine and world-famous brand generator.
  • Radiator and fan are safe protected.
  • Automatic control panel and electrical switch board including terminal breaker.
  • Automatic battery charger and electromagnetic switch.
  • Buffer damping between engine and base frame.
  • Sturdy and durable steel support.
  • Optional voltage range: 230V / 400V, 220V / 380V, 127V / 220V, 240V / 480V, etc.

Mitsubishi engine

Shanghai MHI Motor Corporation is a joint venture formed by shanghai diesel engine group and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, S6R2 / S12R / S16R crusher motor with MHI authorized technology. . The power range is from 500KW to 1800KW. These engines are mainly applied ground generators.

Outstanding advantages of GM Series generators

  • High-strength design, working endurably, stably and reliably
  • Tolerance for impact resistance and output sufficient
  • Low fuel consumption, low vibration and noise, simple and low cost maintenance


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