What is UPS?
UPS is an acronym for Uninterruptible Power Supply, also known as uninterruptible power supply in Vietnam. UPS is used to provide electricity for a short period of time or as much as possible depending on the capacity of the UPS to maintain the operation of electrical equipment and computers when there is a power failure.

Principle of operation of UPS
The operation of the UPS is based on the conversion of DC voltage from the battery to the bidirectional current to meet the requirements of the computer. The main function of the UPS is to store backup power, but on the other hand, the UPS is also used. additional features such as anti-pulse, anti-lightning transmission, frequency stabilizer…

UPS classification
UPS has two main lines: offline UPS and online UPS. In which, offline UPS includes simple universal UPS and UPS with Line-interactive technology.

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