What is a transformer?
Transformer is a static electromagnetic device, working on the principle of electromagnetic induction, used to change system voltage, with constant frequency.

In transformers, voltage conversion is only possible when the current is alternating or the current is pulsed. Transformers are used in power transmission and distribution systems, in addition, transformers are also used for some other requirements such as connecting rectifier circuits, as a power supply for electric furnaces, welding machines, testing machines. … A transformer with two or more windings placed together on a magnetic circuit, the windings can be electrically connected or not connected to each other, when they are electrically connected, it is called an autotransformer.

Working principle of transformer
Transformers operate according to two physical phenomena:

The current flowing through the conductor creates a magnetic field.

The flux variation in the coil creates an induced voltage (electromagnetic induction).

Transformer classification
There are many types of transformers. Some classifications:

Classification by structure: 1 phase transformer and 3 phase transformer

Classification by function: step-up transformers and step-down transformers

Classified by use: experimental transformers, measuring transformers, autotransformers, etc.

Sort by specifications

Classification by way of insulation: dry transformers and oil transformers
Uses of transformers
What is a transformer used for and what is the effect?

Transformers can be used to increase the voltage from the generator to the transmission line for long distances, and to reduce the voltage at the end of the line to provide a suitable voltage source for the load.

In addition, they are also used in furnaces, welding, measuring or as a power source for electrical and electronic equipment.

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